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Freedom Archery stocks arrows from Gold Tip & Easton.

Whether it's fletched arrows or shafts, we have both in stock for you.

You want only the best components for your arrows:

Shafts  --The industry leader "Gold Tip the toughest arrow you'll ever shoot."  Easton and Carbon Express

Points -- Gold Tip EZ pull in 85, 100 & 125 grain.  Also Saunders in 85, 100, 125 grain.

Nocks  --  GT by Gold Tip, Easton, OMP & AAE

Fletching  -- Feathers by Gateway or Trueflite or Vanes by Bohning & Durvane.

We handle Gold Tip " The toughest arrow you'll ever shoot."

Also a Stocking Dealer for Easton.

Both Carbon or Aluminum

Crossbow Bolts  --  Mission Archery, Lazer II by Gold Tip, VAP by Victory, XX75 Magnum (2219) by Easton. 


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